24 March

My First Office!

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Sorry for the LONG delay in writing! I’ve finally done it and got an office to seperate my business from home life. I’ve always had a spare room as an office, but now I have taken to leap and rented out some office space. I hope to finally have a lot of time to devote to TW3O!

First, no office would be complete with desks. Two large desks came with the office space. Here is a shot of my desk.

I spung for an expensive chair since I will be sitting on it for 8 hours a day! I out together a nice coffee bar and fridge for the early morning and late evenings.

I picked up a free couch from my brother.

That’s my office where I will be running my internet businesses and blogging on TW3O.com.

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26 September

This December I will be leaving the United States Air Force after 15 years to work from home full time on my internet businesses. How will I make money? through affiliate programs, Goodle Adsense, other advertising dollars and consulting work. I estimate that I will make much more working from home part-time than I did full time in the armed services.

I will start blogging much more over the next two months as I transition from my military career to my full time job working from home. There are a lot of steps in transitioning from a traditional, full-time job to a stay home, small business. The internet is a great place to make money and I will finally have a job that I love. How many people can say that they love their job? That they wake up looking forward to going to their job?

TW3O.com is not a primary source of income. It is more of a hobby and a way for me to blog my journey of going from a full-time military man to a guy making a living on the internet. I plan on blogging my transition from a traditional “9-5″ working class slug to becoming a successful small internet business. There is a lot of risk in what I’m doing. I’m giving up a big military pension to do this and will be my own boss.

So, follow along as I start to blog the initial steps starting this week and then depart the US Air Force in December. 2009 will be a great year for me!

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18 August

Ticketmaster Affiliate Program

Last month I decided to try Ticketmaster for my Hawaii blog. I post a lot of events that happen in Hawaii each month and it made sense to sign up with Ticketmaster. I had some results, but not high earnings.

Anyone who buys tickets has likely heard of Ticket Master. They are one of the largest online sellers of tickets for sporting events, entertainment shows and more. If you run a website that promotes events I recommend looking at Ticketmaster’s affiliate program. It is run by Buyat.

Ticketmaster Interface

If you use Google Adsense, you will find the Ticketmaster affiliate area much more complex and not as user friendly. When you first log in you will get the current’s month statistics for your website clicks and sales. That is where the simplicity ends. Generating banners is not as user friendly as other affiliate programs I have used like Google Adsense and Commission junction.


Unless you have a site with a lot of traffic, don’t expect to earn a ton of money. On average I average I earned about $1 per ticket sale. For the first 2 weeks on August I had 472 clicks returning 12 sales. From that I earned $11 based off $781.50 in sales. My Hawaii Blog gets about 12,000 to 18,000 unique visitors each month, so it gets some traffic, but it is far from a popular, known blog. I also didn’t post a lot of events in August. Having said that, receiving a measly 2.5% commission rate is not great.


If you run a small blog with little traffic stay away from Ticketmaster’s affiliate program. The code that you embedd on your site tends to slow down your pages. If you have a popular site and don’t mind a little slowness I recommend using the affiliate program if you are not having success with other affiliate programs. Here are my recommendations for using the program.

  1. Post informational articles about an upcoming even that is at least two weeks away
  2. Embed the Ticketmaster code into each article. Forget about having a simple Ticketmaster banner on your site. It won’t get clicked!
  3. Submit your articles to these seven social media sites to gain tons of traffic and helping your article rank well in Google and yahoo

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